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Semi-Automatic for the People

(Semiotics, Linguistics, Philosophy of Language)

Well, after half a year I'm finally back to work on my semiology page. I got sidetracked badly with all the other crap. I'm amazed this page is even here. So, this is under construction, but it's getting somewhere at last.

My primary task at present is to get a better grasp on the subject, and maybe come up with a few somewhat relevant articles to post here. What would be greatly appreciated on my part is any input as to what aspects of the field at present you find sorely lacking, whether just generally, or more specifically in terms of web resources.

My name is Jay Whitten and I'm majoring in linguistics at the University of Kentucky. I hope to go on to grad school and study semiotics eventually. This page is basically a study guide for my own use, but I think it could also become something useful for anyone in the field.

I'm hoping, among other things, to gather together here as many links to useful sites for semiotics and linguistics as possible, and to archive some texts. Good ones aren't so easy to find, you know.

This is my index page outline (nothing much here yet)

Books, Articles, Essays

Ferdinand de Saussure: From the Third Course of Lectures on General Linguistics

Roland Barthes: Elements of Semiology (first two chapters)

Thomas Sebeok: Communication

Jacques Derrida: Letter to a Japanese Friend

Jay Whitten
Lexington, KY 40508
United States

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Some signifiers for your browser to interpret (in no particular order of significance)

Semiotics Index: University of Colorado at Denver
Sites of Significance for Semiotics: from our friends, the French-Canadian Semioticians
Cyber Semiotic Institute: On line courses in semiotics
Lexicon of Linguistics
Semiotics for Beginners: by Daniel Chandler
Center for Semiotic Research: Aarhus University, Denmark
David Arnason's Homepage: English professor at the University of Manitoba
Saussure and the Sign: also from David Arnason's Homepage
Intelligent Systems: a Semiotic Perspective
The Linguist List
Jacques Derrida